Thing of the Moment – RaspberryPi Case

Thing of the Moment is where I find something of interest to print, either useful or fun!

On Saturday I finally got my hands on a RaspberryPi. Having played with it for a bit I can see it will have an uphill climb. However one thing it does need is a case. Popping in ‘raspberry’ as a search on Thingiverse brought up a number of options. Looking through I settled on the case by HansH.

image Case of two halves
Part of the reason I went for this is the case is designed in two parts and you have a selection. Also it is made in openSCAD so it should possible to modify for your own tastes. I just picked a base and a top with a raspberry in.

Two parts, two colours
According to Slic3r I would have to use about 6m of filament. I have been trying to use up the remnants I have had laying around so printed the base in black and lid in red. The parts clip together nicely without fittings.



And finally
It has gone together nicely, I have had to adjust some of the ports to get access fully and to make it close. That said it is a great looking case and works really well.

RaspberryPi Case


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