Super Secret Super Bright Summer Filament

image I was quite lucky to get a sample of Faberdashery’s new summer colours, and as you can see below they are, well, summery! The colours are very bright luminous red and yellow.

Is it the usual quality?
As always the filament is of an excellent quality and consistent diameter. It isn’t apparent from the photos but they really are bright. Both colours seem to shine in the sunlight, ideal if your project needs to be seen! The next thing to decide is what to print that honours the summery goodness and tests out the filament. Not much more is summery to me then enjoying a glass of chilled wine with friends. Tracking your glass is a bit easier with these Wine Glass Charms. I chose the bright yellow and they printed well, actually it seemed to be a bit more viscose then other PLA which didn’t cause any issues.


It hasn't changed colour, the camera just didn't pick it up right!

Another thing that I noticed is that they glow under the the blue leds that illuminate my print bed. Given that these are luminous it isn’t surprising that the little ultraviolet light from the leds cause them to glow.


Nice glow under blue leds

image But in the end
Unsurprisingly the filament meets the usual level that I have come to expect from Faberdashery. So if you have anything that needs to be bright, bold and colourful then these could be the filaments for you.



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