3D Printing with Pie

Yesterday master 3D Thingsmith RichRap posted a tweet that he had got Printrun working on his Raspberry Pi. For those who don’t know the Raspberry Pi is a single board computer based around an ARM processor and Linux and is very cheap – about $35. image

Mainly it was designed to try and get programming of computers back into UK schools – something that has dropped off in favour of just using software. Why is this event remotely interesting? For me it is being able to fully control my Huxley without having to have my main computer running, consuming a maximum on 7 watts rather than a minimum of 120 watts!

ARM Slicing?
The more interesting thing is if RichRap has the slicing software going to. To be honest it would be painfully slow, unless somehow it used the GPU to help with the computing – and that is unlikely!

Make one yourself
RichRap has said that he will be putting a blog post up on how he done it – allowing anyone with a Pi to be able to follow. Once they are up I will attempt it myself and report back!

RichRap Blog
Raspberry Pi Website
Raspberry Pi and RepRap Discussion


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