Thing of the Moment – Mini Rack

Thing of the Moment is where I find something of interest to print, either useful or fun!

So today I write about an item I have created to help me store my electronic components. I had been searching for a way to safely hold all my small components without having to use the more standard larger storage system. I had a look on Thingiverse any while there are a few options none suited my needs. The storage draw system I came up with is based around the larger type – except that the draws are designed to be only a bit larger then a resistor is long with its legs attached. Actually a ATMEGA644 can fit in with room to spare.


The design is partly parametric – the rack is parametric in as much as the number of rows and columns can be decided – along with the any rows that will have half height draws. To stop the draws falling out the back of the racks there is a bar to prevent that. The draws are static, designed in SketchUp. On my Huxley I can print a 4×4 large grid as a maximum. In order to reduce the amount of filament used the walls of the rack and draws are only 1mm thick – so there is no infill – but they more then strong enough.

Overall I am happy with the way that this has turned out. The design allows for all of the items that I own to be stored easily and only taking up the minimum of shelf space.

Thingiverse Page


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