DSF Build Progress Four

Now that payday has been and gone I have been able to order a few more parts for the printer. Currently the steppers have actually turned up and are installed. I had also managed to get the frog for the Y Axis laser cut with the DSF logo etched into it.

IMG_2760At the moment printing on my Huxley are the Z Axis couplers, pulleys for the X and Y motors and the clamps for the Y axis. I have the belt for the X and Y so once the print has finished I can hopefully get the Y axis installed and ready to go. The electronics have been ordered and should be here is 3-4 days, the psu should be with me tomorrow so once the electronics turn up I’ll get it installed and get the printer moving.



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2 responses to “DSF Build Progress Four

  1. RoTorIT

    Looks a bit like Adapto-MendelMax-Alubot clone 🙂

    • It does, although until just now I didn’t know anything about it!

      Reading on their GitHub readme it seems they thought much the same as I with the MendelMax in that it appears a little over engineered.

      The first thing I saw that started me on this route was the Velleman 3D printer that has just been released. As it has a moving bed and static head it needs a large footprint. I wondered if it would be possible to reduce the footprint using the same type of materials. I then remembered the MendelMax and drew a little inspiration from that for my first design.

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