Here are some of the ‘things’ I have made which I really like.

Dual-Struder Fabricator

This is probably the biggest project I have undertaken; a complete 3D printer built from my design. Currently still in the building stages but you can follow on the blog.

Printer with all axis and motors installed. Waiting on electronics.

Printer with all axis and motors installed. Waiting on electronics.

Dual-Struder Fabricator Blog Posts

Thingiverse Page <- Has out of date parts now. Current parts can be found at my GitHub page


Game Boy Cartridge Stand

I have been collecting the Mario and Zelda series of games for the Game Boy. Although I still don’t have all of them I wanted to display what I have thus far. I designed this stand so that they could be held at good display angle and also to provide space for a plaque on the front giving the games name, date of release and is ranking (according to

The stand on its own with Game Boy embossed into the back.

First 3 off of the production line.

The beginnings of the display.

Game Boy Cartridge Stand Thingiverse Page

Storage Case

Being interested in electronics I have lots of components I needed to store. However one of the issues is that – being a hobbyist – I don’t have huge quantities of most items. That means I end up having to have a large case and use only a fraction of it. So I designed a smaller version of the large cases to be printed. It is semi-parametric – the rack can be set for any number of rows and columns. The draws (and openings in the rack) are fixed sizes – just long enough for a resistor and its leads to fit in.

Not totally populated and has the prototype draws in.

Storage Case Thingiverse Page

iPod Accessories

I have an iPod Nano (6th Gen) and have come up with a couple of extras for it. First is a charging station which uses the existing USB lead. The second is a pocketwatch case which converts the iPod – and its clock mode – into a pocket watch. The watch is still under a little bit of development as it is not gripping the iPod that well at the moment.

Charging station

3D image of the pocket watch. No image of printed version – yet!

iPod Charging Station Thingiverse Page

iPod Pocket Watch Case Thingiverse Page


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