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Store Your Filament – Well

Okay – so I may have forgotten that I had some filament (Bling Bling Gold from Faberdashery) that had fallen down and I had forgotten about it. On doing a clear-out I discovered said filament and thought I would use it in my latest adventure – stands to display my Game Boy cartridges. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be.


Anyone will tell you to store your filament correctly – that is in a bag and maybe with some desiccant. Don’t store it randomly behind the unit your printer is on! Not entierly sure what has happened but when I went to insert the filament into the printer a section snapped off. Strange I thought – carry on and try again. It done it again. Hmm. I then looked at the filament and saw this.

If you look at the top of the filament you can see that there are really small ‘cracks’ in it. This is the point where is breaks. I am assuming that the filament has reacted with the air or moisture to have resulted in this defect. Although it looks more like the filament has dried out.

My Fault not Yours

I must say that this is the only time I have ever seen this from filament from Faberdshery. This is also some of the oldest filament I have as well. Had I stored it in a bag would it have faired better – I can’t say. However storing it outside of a bag will not help keep it in top condition either.

Let this be a lesson for everyone at my expense . Care for your filament and you will get some long life out of it. This is also a positive for Faberdashery’s ethos of only buying what you need when you need it, don’t try and store/horde it. I cannot blame anyone but myself for this – I should have put it away when I had last used it – now I have to bin it. Well – put it into recycling ready for my Filabot! (When I get one that is!)





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3D printers are great. You can design almost anything and have a copy of it within hours. That is if you have the filament to print with. At the moment you have to order filament from a (normally) mail order source and that takes time. Step in ‘Filabot’.

Manufacture you own
image A while a go – I missed it at the time – there was a Kickstarter campaign to help the dream of manufacturing your own filament at home come true. Now the project has been funded and the final steps seem to be near. There has been an update to their website giving out the details of 3 versions of the Filabot and one version of the – yet un-named – grinder.

The variants
Filabot Wee – this is the kit version, it doesn’t have the grinder and will rely on pre-munched plastic or pellets. Probably the cheapest of the lot as you will have one build it yourself. Great to see how it all works though.

image Filabot Core – the built one. This seems to be a built version of the Wee, still lacking the grinder but gains an enclosure as well as working straight out of the box.

Filabot Reclaimer – totally complete and with the grinder. If you have wanted on use up those old prints or HDPE milk bottles straight out the box then this is the one for you. totally enclosed and with a carbon filter, which I assume is to help with those nasty smells from some plastics – I’m looking at you ABS!

Grinding your way to success
The first two variants don’t have a grinder so you would either have to use pellets or buy the extra grinder attachment and grind up separately.

And finally
The team at Filabot seem to have also found some form of conductive filament, this is interesting for anyone wanting to print out their own PCBs. My only thought on this is how much resistance there is in the filament, I look forward to being able to buy some and put it to the test!


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