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DSF Build Progress Two

DSF Build Progress Two

Finally got the stainless rod and having installed the Y and Z axis. Printing out the rest of the parts for the printer ready for when I can afford to buy the steppers and electronics.

I have also made a handle for the top to enable ease of carrying.

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June 10, 2013 · 6:59 pm

DSF Build Progress One

Rear View

Rear View

Front View (Missing the new frame braces)

Front View
(Missing the new frame braces)

So the build has begun. I have so far managed to get the basic frame made. I have had to add some extra reinforcement to the frame as it had too much movement in it. I am now only waiting on the 8mm smooth bar so that I can complete the major frame build. After that I will be getting the steppers, but that will have to wait until next payday unfortunately.

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Thing of the Moment – Filament Swatch

Thing of the Moment is where I find something of interest to print, either useful or fun!

Recently I have been printing things for people. One of the problems has been trying to describe all the colours that I have available to print with. Over a period of time I seem to have a large variety from Faberdashery! While going through Thingiverse I found filament frame – by uBlitz – to hold small samples of the filament I have. The original was designed in Solidworks so was a static model – nothing could be changed aside from editing the STL file (I don’t have Solidworks). Then I noticed a derivative – by MarcoAlic – which is parametric using OpenSCAD. The first print didn’t go so well. Although it was set to make 1.75mm diameter holes they just weren’t big enough to hold the filament. The second problem was that the outside wall was just 1mm and Slic3r didn’t like that. In the end I adjusted the OpenSCAD script to reduce the size of the cylinders a little – 1mm overall and entered a filament diameter of 1.9mm. This sorted the problem.

On the whole I think it turned out okay. Now I can simple show people what I have rather then trying to describe them.


Filament Frame Thingiverse Page

Parametric Filament Frame Thingiverse Page



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